Vital Defense Multi-protection mist

Anti-pollution, anti-blue light mist
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Vital Defense Multi-protection mist Anti-pollution, anti-blue light mist

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Cleanse and remove make-up daily with a Yon-Ka cleanser. And mist your face with a Yon-Ka Lotion. Apply your eye contour, day cream and make-up. Apply the Vital Defense Mist in a Y-shape over your face, neck and chest from a distance of 30cm

Discover our new innovation made of 99% natural ingredients, the Vital Defense multi-protection mist!
It acts like a shield, immediately limiting the adhesion and penetration of polluting substances and opposing the damage caused by invisible particles and light radiation (solar and artificial).

Visible and proven results: the skin is immediately protected, better oxygenated, smoother and protected from accelerated skin aging. The complexion is more radiant and even.

An ultra-light misting, a fresh and delicately aromatic moisturizing texture, while letting the skin breathe perfectly. We like its clean, vegan, GMO-free, alcohol-free and *sun filter-free formula. It is invisible, non-sticky, non-greasy and non-comedogenic.

The Vital Defense Mist is the last essential step of all beauty routines, it protects the skin throughout the day and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. You won't be able to do without it!

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Key ingredients:
100 ml
99% Natural Origin Ingredients
Biosaccharide: Protective, anti-pollution and anti-particulate shield, obtained by Green Sciences
Vegetal polyphenols (Sophora Japonica + Butterfly Tree): Multi-protective anti-oxidants - Target the deleterious effects of light rays
Vitamin B5: Soothing moisturiser

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