The Targeted Treatments

Soin Palper Rouler

  • 40 min
Draining, slimming and firming treatment.
  • Draining, slimming, firming.

For Who?

For those looking to reduce water retention and improve circulation: The draining treatment is ideal for those who suffer from swelling, water retention or feelings of heaviness in the legs. It encourages the elimination of toxins, improves lymphatic circulation and gives a sensation of lightness.
For those who want to refine their figure and lose inches: The slimming treatment is perfect for those who want to target areas of stubborn fat and reduce adipose deposits. It helps to sculpt the figure, slim the waist and reduce body circumference.
For those looking to tone their skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite: The firming treatment is suitable for those who want to improve the firmness and texture of their skin. It helps to strengthen skin tissue, reduce the appearance of cellulite and give smoother, more toned skin.

Treatment Description

Draining treatment : This treatment aims to stimulate lymphatic circulation to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from the body. It helps to reduce swelling, improve blood circulation and promote a feeling of lightness. Ideal for those suffering from water retention or heavy legs.

Slimming treatment : This treatment specifically targets fat cells to help break down fat and reduce localised fat deposits. It helps to refine the figure, lose centimetres and reduce body circumference. Perfect for those looking to sculpt their body and reduce stubborn areas of fat.

Firming treatment : This treatment aims to tone and firm the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It helps to improve skin firmness, reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth skin texture. Ideal for those who want firmer, more toned skin after weight loss or pregnancy.


Drainage treatment: After a draining treatment, people can generally feel a sense of lightness and well-being, accompanied by a reduction in swelling and water retention. Improved blood and lymph circulation can also contribute to more radiant skin and a more even complexion.

Slimming treatment : Slimming treatments can lead to a reduction in centimetres in targeted areas, as well as a reduction in body circumference. Results vary from person to person, but many people experience a significant improvement in their figure, with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and firmer skin.

Firming treatment : After a firming treatment, people may notice an improvement in the firmness and elasticity of their skin. Cellulite may appear less pronounced, and skin texture may be smoother and more toned. With regular use, firming treatments can help reshape body contours and give skin a firmer, younger appearance.

Additional Treatments

  • 30 min
For anti-ageing action, a touch of radiance and a more even complexion.
  • 30 min
An energetic, aromatic and relaxing escape.
  • 30 min
CBD treatment for restful sleep.

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