Body Getaways

Corsican Delight

  • 60 or 90 min
Two sugars scrub and rebalancing massage.
  • Vitality action

For Who?

This getaway is perfect for anyone looking to relax, recharge and revitalise their body and mind through a holistic approach to well-being.

Treatment Description

Immerse yourself in an enchanting sensory escape with our exclusive Délice de Corse treatment. Let yourself be transported to the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean, where the enchanting scents of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs meet the refreshing breezes of the Corsican mountains. This well-being ritual combines an exquisite two-sugar scrub to reveal radiant skin, followed by a rebalancing massage with energising digitopressure techniques. Let our expert team guide you on a revitalising journey that nourishes both body and mind, for a feeling of absolute well-being.


A deep sensation of relaxation and vitality. Your skin will be deliciously soft and radiant thanks to the two-sugar scrub, which gently eliminates impurities and reveals a renewed texture.

Additional Treatments

  • 30 min
For anti-ageing action, a touch of radiance and a more even complexion.
  • 30 min
An energetic, aromatic and relaxing escape.
  • 30 min
CBD treatment for restful sleep.

Yon-Ka Products Recommendation

Continue taking care of your skin to prolong the effects of your Délice De Corse treatment at home with the following Yon-Ka products:

“The treatments at Yon-Ka Paris are truly transformative. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed after my visit.”

“The staff was incredibly attentive, making sure every detail of my experience was perfect.”

“I indulged in a hot stone massage followed by a body wrap, and I felt like royalty the entire time.”